Best Beaches Near Orlando, FL

Best Beaches near Orlando

October 2018

Did you say beach?!

Every summer, millions of Americans flock beaches to take advantage of the long warm days. This culture of spending time on the beach is just a recent one. 200 years ago in the 18th and early 19th centuries, the beaches were feared and filled with superstitions. The beaches were left untended and was home to the rugged terrain and wilderness. They were associated with shipwrecks and natural disasters such as Hurricanes.

The wrath of the ocean was associated first, with the Biblical story of the flood. This horrific story defined the theme of the landscape around the beaches. Beaches remained as landmarks for boundaries between nations and kingdoms.

Overpopulation and urbanization brought creativity that transformed the beaches into landscapes of leisure. Today, they are places of recreation, relaxation, retreats and celebration. The European discovery of the beach has transformed.

Although the beach is a bit of a stretch to drive out to, the nearest beach is about an hour to and hour and a half away. Here are some of the best beaches to be near Orlando, FL today.

1. Winterhaven Park

4589 S Atlantic Ave. Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

If you are looking for that little slice of heaven in your life, this is the beach for you. Not many tourists know about this incredibly beautiful beach. It’s usually not on the radar of popularity, but is getting more and more notice as people find out about it. The white sand and clear water speak for itself. Best to come early in the morning as spots fill up pretty quick! 

2. Playalinda Beach

S Washington Ave. Titusville, FL 32796

Located near the NASA landing shuttle facility, this beach is cool to witness the launch of rockets. But more importantly for many, is the calm and quiet of the beach. With no food stands, or running water, this beach provides a natural environment. Though we might add that admission to this beach is $10 for an all day pass, it’s definitely worth the peace and serenity. 

3. Canaveral Nationsl Seashore

S Washington Ave. Titusville, FL 32796

Come see the beautiful Atlantic side of Florida and you will love the roaring waves crash over the sandy beaches. With lots of sea shells to find and an occasional crab out of its burrow, this beach is a great spot to unfold and relax. In order to enter, there is a $5 fee, but the fun is endless. So sink your feet into sand and enjoy the wind in your hair.