Best Theme Parks in Orlando, FL

Best Theme Parks in Orlando

September 2018

Where do theme parks come from?

Theme parks have been around for hundreds of years. The parks used to be different, and there were no spectacular, exciting attractions yet. There were ‘theme parks’ already five hundred years ago. They were without roller coasters or other fast attractions, but with beautiful gardens, performances, and fun games. The theme parks of that time were called ‘pleasure gardens.’ They usually lay at a castle or in a park or near a city.

In the middle Ages, there were also farm fairs: an annual party with music, stalls selling merchandise and lots of food and drinks. After the Second World War – midway through the last century – there were attractions at the fairs, such as a merry-go-round, a caterpillar track, a Ferris wheel, and bumper cars.

The oldest theme park in the world is the Bakken. It is located near Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The gates of the park were opened for the first time in 1583. It was then a pleasure garden, without significant attractions. The visitors came mainly from the water source that was discovered there; one could get fresh and clean water.

Today, theme parks have made a huge impact and have really changed the way life is. We have selected the top 5 theme parks you can visit in Orlando, Florida.ย 

1. Disney Theme Parks

First, of course, the most famous amusement park in Florida: Disney, which has no less than four amusement parks and two water parks in Florida. First of all, Walt Disney World is a gigantic park for the whole family, with the famous pink palace. The Magic Kingdom mainly has roller coasters and more powerful attractions. Thirdly, Epcot, this consists of two parts. Part one is Future World, in which futuristic attractions can be found. Part two is, World Showcase in which different countries of the world are realistically recreated. World Showcase gives you the idea that you have been in the country, with France, for example, they have recreated the Eiffel Tower under which you can eat a delicious croissant. This is followed by Disney Hollywood Studios, where film, television, and theater are the main themes with different attractions but also performances. Moreover, finally: Disney’s Animals Kingdom, the only park with live animals. You can go to a safari like you are in Africa, but you can also enter typical Disney attractions.

2. Universal

Universal, the producer of several films and also record company, has two parks in Florida. Starting with the Universal Studios, where all attractions are film related. This, like Disney, is also a typical family park. Right next to the Studios is the second park of Universal namely Universal Islands of Adventures. This is an island with its own film theme. Think of Jurassic Park and Harry Potter, when you walk there you really feel like you are walking through the film.

3. Sea World

If you are always fascinated by all the animals that live in the sea, you should go here. From sting rays to orcas and crocodiles, you’ll find it all in Sea World. During the day there are several shows that you can watch and the most impressive ones are of the orcas. When you see such gigantic animals flying through the air, you are quiet for a moment.ย 

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4. Kennedy Space Center

Do you want to spend an educational day in one of the theme parks in Florida? Then Kennedy Space Center the right place. You learn everything about space travel and especially about NASA. Here are fewer attractions compared to the other parks, but you learn a lot! You get a tour of a Space Shuttle and you can touch a piece of the moon. The only thing you can do here in terms of adrenaline can be found in the various simulators that are present. Which is of course a huge experience!

5. LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Legoland Florida Legoland Florida is one of the newer theme parks in Florida. It was opened in 2011 at the site of the former Cypress Gardens amusement park, where the botanical garden was retained. Since May 2012, a water park (Splash Island) has also been added. LEGOLAND Florida is the largest (in the surface) of the Legoland theme parks.