The Crepe Shop, Chicago, IL

The Crepe Shop

September 2018

Crepes, Crepes, Crepes

Who doesn’t like crepes?! If you are looking for a delicious place to enjoy some crepes, look no further! As soon as you come in through the doors, a whiff of newly made crepes will fill your nostrils. The freshly made coffee will wake you up and the atmosphere will be admired. The menu has both savory and sweet crepes. The Crepe Shop has a gluten free crepe, as well as a vegetarian option. While there is a small menu, the owners of this place continue to grow its menu and add new delicious items. 

Whether it’s hot or cold, rain or shine, a crepe is always an appropriate time to indulge. Don’t forget your table manners, as it may be very tempting to lick your plate clean when you’re done. But if you must, make sure no one is looking. 

Here is the breakdown of what I ordered:

Fromage a trois: 5/5. From the creamy cheese inside the crepe to the crispy cheese on top, everything worked perfectly together. It is the perfect cheese lover’s crepe. 

Honey and truffle: 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s sweet and savory topped with arugula and candied pecans. It’s a good balance of flavors if you are venturing into something unique. 

Lemon Curd Crepe: 5/5 This crepe has the perfect amount of tart and sweetness. This is a must try! 

Wild Berry cheesecake: 5/5 I love this crepe so much! It is one of my favorites. The wild berry sauce in the crepe is very sweet, made with blueberry, raspberry, blackberry coulis and cheesecake filling. It is the perfect way to end a delicious meal. I am warning you though, licking your plate will be very tempting.

I bet you are drooling at this point now. What are you doing still staring at the screen? Go to The Crepe Shop because you not regret trying out these amazing crepes.